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Leave your worries behind.

With avanaMD's home-based healthcare services and programs, get a healthcare professional to visit your family back home to record vitals of the participant who wants to enrol with our check-up program. Vitals include blood pressure, blood glucose, weight, ECG, pulse, heart rate etc., and you can monitor these records remotely and securely with a smartphone app.

Health parameters are measured using our smart devices and results are shared securely with you and/or your doctor using a smartphone app.


Avoid the need for the program participant to visit a clinic just for checking the vitals.

Health check-up conducted at your home by an avanaMD professional, making it convenient - especially for senior citizens.

A Healthcare Manager is given the responsibility to manage the process of monitoring the health of the program participant. Our Healthcare Manager will facilitate doctor visits, any further diagnostic tests etc.

You can choose the doctor you are already used to, for sharing the test results. Alternatively, avanaMD can suggest an empaneled doctor or a consultant.

The doctor monitoring the participant can view the historical records anytime using a smartphone App called MediCorder.

Participant's vitals such as BP, Blood Glucose, ECG, weight, pulse, heart rate etc. are recorded and tracked over a timeline through periodic check up.

Wherever you are living currently, you can always access the participant’s health data and diagnosis over the MediCorder smartphone app.

AavanaMD's medical experts based in the United States can also provide a second opinion for any advanced treatment or surgery that the participant may need to undergo.

The application alerts the doctor when the readings are beyond normal limits, so that the doctor can suggest immediate corrective action.

The participant can receive reminders for periodic check up, through SMS or smartphone messaging.


The home-based service using the MediCorder Suite is brought to you by avanaMD, comprising of a senior interdisciplinary group of clinicians, technologists, and entrepreneurs who want to make an impact on connected healthcare worldwide.

avanaMD assures you of quality healthcare in the comfort of your home. We provide healthcare professionals and doctors for home visits who have passed through rigorous tests in their skill levels. Their backgrounds are verified before they meet program participants. We provide lab tests at home making health care convenient and accessible.

We ensure that our customers receive the best medical care and our procedures are developed in consultation with doctors who are members of large international medical institutions.


Sign up for the MediCorder home-based health monitoring program - backed by a highly experienced team of multidisciplinary professionals. Now you can keep a tab on the health status of your loved ones back home, right on your smartphone. Anytime. Anywhere.


We would be happy to provide further details on our home-based health monitoring services and how to sign up for a package.
Please email your details to info@avanamd.com